WWII The Trojan Women Class Designs

Instead of being set after the Trojan War, it will be set after WWII in Japan a day after Japan surrenders, marking the end of the war. The Americans are the Greeks and the women of Japan are the women of Troy, who lost their homes and their families and are now subjected to a life in slavery. Poseidon and Athena are the human representations of Japan and America, respectively. Hecuba is the ex-empress of Japan who has lost almost everything. She still has her daughter, Cassandra, who has visions of the future, and her daughter-in-law, Andromache, a mother of a baby boy. They claim the tensions between Japan and America have been started by Helen, the wife of American politician Menelaus. They say her beauty caused her to seduce the Japanese Prince, Paris, to take her to Japan with him to get away from her husband. Menelaus is looking to punish her for her actions. Talthybius is a young American soldier sent as a messenger to the Japanese women to inform them of what is to come and that the soldiers will be picking them as wives or prostitutes. Not only does this show the struggle these women are facing, but also the racism that comes with the tension between the two countries at this time.

Date Complete11/5/23
ProjectClass - CCM