The Trojan Women Class Designs

This production of The Trojan Women is set in its original time of 1880 BC in Troy after the Trojan War and the fall of Troy. It follows the story of four main women who lost their home, their husbands, and for some, their children. These women are leftovers from a war that destroyed their town and are to be taken as trophies by the Greek soldiers. As they are the ones left over, they are meant to represent the nature that is left after the human-made structures are destroyed. This is why the colors of the women’s costumes are based on flowers and various other plants. Helen is a key character as she is seen as the blame for the start of the war, due to her being taken from her Greek husband, Menelaus, by Paris, the Trojan Prince. She is representing a dead flower as she has gone through a lot and has been blamed for a war, but she is still beautiful. The beginning of the play starts with Posidon mourning his city and Athena asking for his help for revenge on the Greeks. because she helped them throughout the war, but then they disrespected her. Overall, it is a story of survivors and what happens to those who are leftover from a war.

Date Complete10/8/23
ProjectClass - CCM