Speak Now Dress

I had a purple evening gown that I was likely never going to wear again and wanted to upcycle it into something new. I thought the purple Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour dress would be perfect because it is a similar color and there was enough fabric to accomplish all the details. The dress was made from the skirt of the evening gown because the bodice was too short and there were a lot of layers of the lighter weight fabric. 

MaterialsThrifted dress, sew-through boning, muslin, interfacing
Date Complete7/20/23


  • I made a bodice pattern that was custom to my size modifying patterns I already had. 
  • I separated the bodice and skirt of the original dress. 
  • I used the bottom half of the skirt for the new skirt and gathered it to fit the waist. 
  • The rest of the fabric was used for the bodice. 
  • Since the base fabric was so flimsy I flatlined it to muslin with interfacing and added sew-on boning to add structure to the bodice. 
  • To get the pleated look to the bodice I ended up hand sewing thread to help control the pleats since the fabric was too flowy to stay in place on its own. 

What I would change:
The dress fabric was so light and flowy, so for some of the structured stuff or getting the flatter pleats on the bodice was not possible. Since I wanted to upcycle the existing dress, there was not a great way to fix that.