Rock of Ages

I had the opportunity to design and source the costumes for the main characters of Rock of Ages, an 80s rock jukebox musical set in LA. For the ensemble members, I created a Pinterest board as costume inspiration and created a Google form for them to send in photos of their costumes so I could approve them or give feedback.

Show Date5/12-14/22
WhereOakdale High School
RoleCostume Designer



  • I started by reading the script, researching the time period, looking at the Broadway costume designs, and preliminary sketches. 
  • I, along with my mentee and director, would find clothing items on Amazon that were close to the design I wanted. 
  • Some clothing pieces had to be altered. For example, I needed to add a slit in Anita’s skirt so she could do the kicks in her choreography and I needed to shorten Justice’s robe so it would not get in the way of the performer. 


What I would change:

  • I wish I had better places to get items from and I wish I had the option to thrift, but that was not possible for this production. The restriction of only using Amazon became a bit of a struggle and I know that outcome would have been different if I had other ways to get pieces.

Venus-A-Go-Go Dancers

Venus-a-go-go Dancers 

  • This was one of the most difficult costume designs for our show because in the original show, the characters were strippers, but in our high school version they were servers at a wing restaurant, like Hooters. 
  • I did not want to do a traditional waitress outfit because they still performed and my director wanted a neon outfit with Madonna vibes. 
  • I ended up doing a pleather bustier top and a pleather skater skirt with a neon mock neck long-sleeve top and tights undertaker. The neon colors were also different for each performer. 
  • I like this compromise because it was still fun, neon, and the performers were completely covered making it appropriate for a school setting. 

Stacee Jaxx

Stacee Jaxx

  • The original Broadway production dressed Stacee in a pink and white zebra top and I think it is such a perfect piece for this character. There is something inherently feminine about his character and he sort of is a princess so the color pink is perfect. Also, the use of lighter colors is in direct contrast to everything else onstage making him stand out and showing how different he is. 
  • I also wanted him to have a similar top, and it was the most difficult piece to track down. Apparently, there are not a lot of listings on Amazon for a pink and white zebra print top, so it took a while and I finally found one. I think it ended up working perfectly.
  • The actor and I thought about taking the sleeves off, but I made the decision to keep them because I liked the flowiness of the top in contrast to the tight pants. 

Justice Charlier

Justice Charlier

  • This was also a difficult costume to design because I wanted it to match the Venus dancer costumes but for a more mature, older woman. 
  • I knew I wanted a corset, I knew I wanted pants, and I knew I wanted her to be in purple, but I did not know what else. 
  • Then it hit me that a long robe would be perfect. It fits the feel of a mature, successful woman that is also very maternal which speaks perfectly for her character. 

Paper Work

This document goes character by character breaking down what costume they wear in each scene and what clothing items go with that costume. 

This document is the overall costume plot. 

This document was hung up backstage. The first page shows, by scene, what characters in what costumes are onstage. The second page was a way of remembering what was happening in that scene. The green highlights show the first time a costume is worn. The yellow highlights depict the quick changes wardrobe had to help with. The blue highlights are when an accessory needs to be added to the costume.