Quake Gauntlets

For a virtual thermoplastic summer camp hosted by RISD, we were tasked with making a bracer out of either Worbla or Poly Plastics. I decided to make Quake’s gauntlets from season 6 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. out of Poly Plastics. After researching what it should look like, using the provided videos of how to make a bracer out of Worbla, and looking into how to use Poly Plastics, I was ready.

MaterialsThermoplastics (poly plastics), EVA Foam (2 mm, 6 mm), velcro, Four-way stretch fabric
Date Complete7/16/20
ProjectClass - RSID Thermoplastics Class


I started with the pattern. I had to get the basic shape of my arm by wrapping it in plastic wrap and duct tape. I then drew on the basic shape needed for the gauntlet. Next, I cut that off of me and transferred it to paper while adding the details to the paper pattern. I also had to make a pattern for the hand armor parts based on my hand’s basic shape.

I then started making the hand armor parts. These were made of 6mm EVA foam that was cut into shape. Then I dremeled the sides, so they were at an angle. From there, I added the four dents with a different Dremel head.

Then I got to work on the gauntlets. I cut out the basic shape in Poly Plastic and marked out the details on it to make it easier to glue. I then shaped the pieces with a heat gun so they would go around my arm. From there, I realized that they wouldn’t fit together perfectly because it wasn’t a straight edge on the side, so instead, they would have to be overlapped. I glued it together and had to sand the edges down so they wouldn’t hurt my arms as much when I bent them.

For the details, I originally was just going to do a layer of Poly Plastics but realized that wasn’t tall enough, so I also had a layer of 2mm EVA foam underneath. So once everything was cut out, I glued the foam on and then the Poly Plastics on top. Then I had to cut the small pieces of foam that were sticking out underneath. From there, I painted everything their corresponding color.

To keep the hand armor pieces on, I made gloves that they would be velcroed to. I made the gloves following something I saw online, showing that the pattern can be created by tracing your hand, and by trying it on and altering you could make gloves. I followed that and was able to make two black gloves. I did initially make a glove quickly for when I turned in the final photos of the project because I didn’t have much time, but I didn’t like how rushed it looked, so I redid it afterward. I then put velcro on both the glove and hand armor pieces so they would stick together.

After the class, I also added closures to the bracers. This was done through velcro on both sides that could be attached.

What I would change:
I would have made the center seam straight, so I wouldn’t have to overlap them, making it look more professional. I also would have made sure the shapes of the gauntlets were similar and have space so I could wear stuff underneath with little trouble. I also would have done something different with the closures. Because I just hot glued the velcro, it comes off sometimes, and it doesn’t work. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have had anything there and made sure to shape it so it would stay on by itself because the material is really stiff.