Post-Apocalyptic Into the Woods Class Designs

Instead of Into the Woods being set in a past fairytale land, it is set in a post-apocalyptic future world. It will be set in Appalachia America, more specifically in West Virginia. It follows America 100 years after a nuclear doomsday. Here people are starting to rebuild a new society and following a new monarchical government. The loss of industrialization caused nature to flourish and regain its land. Most nonrenewable resources are gone and spent leading people to rely on renewable resources. Everything is back to natural and agricultural ways of life. Garments are all made of natural fibers. Leather is common as there is a large population of cows. There are still remnants of what existed prior, but a lot is swallowed by foliage or very distressed and worn down. Since there have been so many folklore monsters and cryptids from West Virginia, it is not far off to believe that there might be magic there that the witch possesses. Also, the Wolf and the Giant and the other mystical beings from the show are supported by Appalachian folklore. Everything has a natural look to it that plays on current silhouettes but uses minor futuristic details that make it distinctly different. Nature and the surrounding land are very important motifs used throughout the design of the show.

Date Complete12/2/23
ProjectClass - CCM