Photoshop Costume Rendering

In my figure drawing and rendering class, we took a non-colored drawing and added color or a pattern to it in Photoshop. I used a drawing I did in a previous class of the Scarlet Witch if she went to the Hellfire Gala.

MediumGraphite drawing colored in Photoshop
Date Completed4/14/23
ProjectClass - CCM



  • The different elements of the outfit were sectioned off making it easier to customize colors in specific spots.
  • From there I made fabric patterns of stripes and flowers to add to the design.
  • I also warped the fabric, made highlights, and shadows to make the rendering look more realistic.


What I would change:

  • I would probably try and make the beads look shinier.
  • I would also probably not make the highlights and shadows as heavy as I did.