Oscar De La Renta Design Style

In my figure drawing and rendering class, we had a drawing journal where we were tasked with drawing figures for at least 15 minutes every day. The week of March 20th, I decided to play with the style of an Oscar De La Renta design for a costume Taylor Swift wore on the Eras Tour. The first design is a replication of the original design, then I challenged myself to use the same style to draw other costumes from the Era’s Tour.

MediumColor pencil, Graphite, Pen
Date Completed3/24/23
ProjectClass - CCM



  • After replicating the original design, I really enjoyed using that style so I decided to continue and see if it translated to other styles of outfits and if I could use it in the future.
  • I really enjoy how quick these designs are to make and how they really show the movement and the overall effect of the design.


What I would change:

  • These were quick drawings, so if I were to do something like this for a project and not just as an exercise on my own, I would use nicer paper and spend more time to make them look more professional.