Mandalorian Helmet

This is something I wanted to make, and I thought it would be good to learn about getting a curve like that in foam. So I followed a YouTube video by Dustin Films to make this. This is made entirely out of foam, beside the visor, which was bought from Amazon and cut to the correct size.

MaterialsEVA Foam (10 mm, 6 mm, 2 mm), plastic visor
Date Complete7/16/20


I first cut everything out of foam following the patterns provided. A few pieces needed to be cut at an angle so they would fit together as angles.

Once everything was cut, I started gluing everything together. I had some issues gluing the curve of the top of the helmet, but looking back, I should have pre-shaped them with the heat gun so it would have been easier to glue.

After it was glued, I had to fix the seams between the foam pieces to clean up the look. I sanded the seams and added caulking to fill in the gaps.

After I got it to the shape I wanted and added the details, It was time to paint it silver. Once that was done, I watered down brown paint to add a dirty look to it.

Now that it was painted, I added the visor. This was done by patterning out a similar shape to the opening and cutting the visor to the same shape. Once that was done, I glued it to the opening to finish the helmet.

What I would change:
I would pre-shape the helmet pieces before gluing them.