Kate Bishop Jacket

This jacket is based on the top part of a body suit pattern I owned and was modified to match the show jacket. I designed the side pattern design in Photoshop and then got it custom printed on a 4-way stretch fabric. 

MaterialsNeoprene, 4-way stretch fabric, cotton, zipper
Date Complete1/23/22



  • I made a muslin mock-up of the top part of the body suit pattern and drew out the seam lines for this jacket to then transfer to pattern paper.
  • The upper arm line detailing was done with topstitching on the neoprene, which created the texture
  • A faux double welt pocket was added to the front
  • The sleeves ended up being too small on my upper arms because the neoprene was not very stretchy, so I added a triangle of similar color 4-way stretch fabric I had in my stash so it would fit.
  • A separating zipper was added to the front

What I would change:

  • I wish the colors were more purple and more accurate to the show jacket
  • I also would have used a bigger pattern to accommodate the not-as-stretchy neoprene.