Captain America Shield

When I first started with foam, I wanted a project that would be beginner-friendly but would also teach me a lot about the material. This was the project that worked for that criteria. I followed two tutorials on YouTube, one by Odin Makes and the other being Lost Wax, to make the shield. The whole thing is made out of foam, besides the handles, which was a belt, and the rivets, which were pins.

MaterialsEVA Foam (2 mm, 10 mm) belt, tacks
Date Complete4/20/20


Once everything was cut out, I added the details of the circles and the star. This was done by lightly scoring the foam and then using a heat gun to open up the cuts.

I then used a yoga ball to give it its shape. To do this, I used plastic wrap and packing tape to get the foam circles to attach to the ball, giving it its shape. Then I put the heat gun over it for a while to help it hold its shape.

After I took it off of the yoga ball, I added the straps to the back. First, I added foam details, then put the pieces of the belt in for the handles. I also sanded the edges of the bottom piece. Once that was done, I glued the bottom and top pieces together.

Then it was time to paint. I taped details off and painted things in their corresponding colors. Once everything was the correct color, I put a clear coat layer, which caused the section with the red paint to bubble up. I wanted to fix that, so I ended up having to sand the bubbles off and re-painting. Sadly, that didn’t work that great, and there are still bubbles on the shield.

What I would change:
First, I would have probably gotten a smaller yoga ball, so the shield would be even rounder. I also would not have put that clear coat on to stop the bubbles from forming.