Black Widow Vest

I took a vest pattern I already had and altered it to get the details needed for the pattern. The vest includes two zipper pockets in the front, a separating zipper, metal tabs on straps, snaps, and lining. 

MaterialsCanvas, snaps, zippers, metal tabs
Date Complete12/29/21



  • Patterning was done flat on a pattern I already owned. I drew out the front and back attached and drew the details on top. From there, I patterned out the details from the full sketch to make my final pattern.
  • Attached the main panels in the front and back.
  • The straps have an extra piece of fabric to either the front or back so the metal tabs could easily go on vertically because they acted like clamps.
  • Attached the front and back with the straps to them add the lining with the separating zipper.
  • Top stitched the vest so it would look better and added the collar and shoulder hole trim.
  • I added the tabs near the zipper by seam ripping the zipper top stitching where I wanted to add the tab and then sewing the tab in the place following the top stitching line so it wouldn’t be noticeable.
  • Once all of the sewing was done, I added the clamps and the snaps.
  • I then took sandpaper and sanded the metal clamps slightly so they weren’t as shiny and bright.

What I would change:

  • I would change how the metal tabs were done. I would either try to find longer ones, or use fabric, or something that would look a little bit nicer.
  • There are now weird circles that are left from hammering on the snaps, so if I knew that that would happen ahead of time, I would try to not hammer on top of the fabric or try to add something in between.