Black Widow from Avengers Movie (2012)

This was the first replication costume I ever made, and I knew I wasn’t going to stress myself out with accuracy and just do what was possible for me at the time. This costume taught me a lot about the materials, making it so much easier to make my next Black Widow suit.

MaterialsFour-way stretch fabric, belting, EVA Foam (2 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm), NERF bullets, velcro, elastic, buckles, foam core, denim, snaps
Date Complete12/19/20


I started with a bodysuit pattern from the book “The Hero’s Closet” because I had it on hand. I followed the instructions to make it. For the sleeves, I used my embroidery machine to put the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the shoulders. I did have a mess up here. The top part of the sleeve accidentally hooked underneath where it was embroidering, so I ended up having to cut it out. I originally wasn’t going to fix it, but I realized that the patches are supposed to be facing opposite ways, so I had to redo that sleeve completely. Once I got the suit done, I decided to add one more piece to it to be slightly closer to being accurate. There is this triangle-type piece in the top front that then goes into covering the back that I decided to add. I patterned it out using my dress form and cut it out of fabric. I ended up having to redo it because I didn’t leave enough seam allowance because the fabric was really flimsy, so I was finding it hard to sew with a small amount of seam allowance. I then attached that to the suit, and the suit part was done.

Next up were the foam pieces. I made the guns, widow mark belt buckle, and the taser pouches on the holster out of foam. I made the patterns and cut everything out. I glued and sanded when needed for these parts. I also later added details by scoring and heating the areas, so they showed up more. After painting, I decided to remake the widow mark belt buckle and the taser poachers because I didn’t like how they looked. The widow mark I decided needed to be painted before it was glued, so it looked cleaner and the taser pouches needed to be bigger, the disk needed to actually fit, and the roof needed to be inside, not outside. I then redid them with these fixes getting the pieces I use today.

I then made the bites. They were done by painting nerf bullets black and gluing them onto a piece of belt cording with velcro so they could easily go on and off. Some thread was sewn around them so they would have a little bit more stability.

To make the widow mark belt, I used the same fabric I used for the suit, sewed that into a belt shape, put the widow mark belt buckle on with velcro, and added snaps in the back as a way of closing it.

To make the holster, it was a lot of math and guessing based on my body measurements. The top part is belt cording closed by a buckle. Then elastic goes down the side of my legs to the thigh straps, also elastic and small buckles. I also added my pockets to the side of the top belt. In the real thing, I saw these pieces that looked like they held up the side straps that could be easily changed to pockets, so that is what I did. I also have a piece of foam to cover up the connection between two elastic pieces that go into the one on the side straps. That then added the taser pouches to the top, and it was done.

What I would change:
I would change how the zipper was done. Instead of learning how to make an exposed zipper, I did what I was familiar with (I am pretty sure this is a hidden zipper) because I was very nervous when using this material and just cut the excess so you could see the zipper. I also wish the suit was more accurate, but I really am proud of what I did, and it is super comfortable. I also might change the widow mark belt buckle and the taser pouches to be 3D prints because I didn’t have the option when I first made this. I also would change the bites, probably also to be 3D prints, so they are more accurate.