Anna Sword

I wanted to use my foam skills to make a sword, so when I saw Odin Makes’ tutorial on making the frozen sword Anna uses very briefly in Frozen 2, I thought I would try it. It is supported with a wooden dowel in the middle, with the rest being foam around it.

MaterialsEVA Foam (2 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm), wood dowel
Date Complete10/1/20


I started with the supports of the blade. They were small pieces, cut at an angle, attached to the dowel in the middle. Then I added two strips of foam, connected at an angle over top to create the middle points of a sword. I connected those on top of the supports, glued them down, and then cut them out in the shape of the sword. Then to make the sharp edges of the blade, I used a Dremel to sand the edges to a point.

From there, I started making the handle pieces. They were pieces of different widths of foam glued together to get the height I wanted, and they were in the general shape of the pieces. From there, they were sanded down to be the shape they were supposed to be. There was a swirl detail on the guard that was done with a Dremel, and the leather wrapping part of the handle was a strip of 2mm foam.

From there, everything was attached to the dowel. Now it was time to paint. It was first painted with a blue coat on the whole sword. Then, after a few coats, it was time for the white to add to the look of the frozen-look. That was done by lightly painting with a sponge on the high places. The video did show how to add icicles onto the sword, but I decided against it because I liked the way it looked already.

What I would change:
I am thrilled with how it looks, the painting turned out a lot better than expected, and the weight is pretty perfect. The main changes would be finding a way to smooth out the dremeled parts. I don’t know if it was the material, Dremel bit, both, or neither, but something made the foam grainy and not smooth. Also, the top point is sort of splitting apart, so I would fix that.